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dimecres, 11 de desembre de 2013


Hello everybody!!
The 3rd ESO students have been doing a unit called “I have a dream” during these days. This short unit is about the famous speech of Martin Luther King, and within it we have analysed one speech and the characteristics of a good orator. The students have also looked for some information about the American history, concretely about the figure of Martin Luther King and the racism in that period. The final task of this unit was to create a speech about the importance of words in front of violence. Then, they had to read the speech orally in front of the classmates in order to show how good orators they are.
They have worked very hard and they have made fantastic speeches. For these reasons, and making the unit coincide with the celebration of the Human rights, we would like to share the speeches with all of you!

In the following link you can read all the 3rd ESO students’ speeches. Read them carefully ……. they have a lot to say!!!